Plastic packaging Advanced

Plastic packaging are used in large amounts. This requirement aims to increase the recyclability if the packaging by limiting the choices of plastics to be used, exclude coloured packaging and avoid metals and fillers in the plastic packaging.

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Technical specification

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Primary packaging, closures and labels shall fulfil the following:

  • The primary packaging1 and closure2 shall be made from one of the following plastics:

Polyethylene (PE)
Polypropylene (PP)
Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)

  • The label shall not be made from PS (polystyrene) or halogenated plastics.
  • Metal parts shall not be part of the packaging1, closure2 or label.
  • The primary packaging1 shall be white or uncoloured.
  • The closure2 shall not be black.
  • Fillers (such as CaCO3) shall not be included in PE or PP packaging1 and closures2 at a level that the density of the plastic exceeds 0.995g / cm3.


  • Easily separable metal parts and plastic parts in spray or pump nozzles or dosing systems.
  • Metals in i RFID labels
  • Packaging containing recycled plastics (Post Consumer Recycled) may be coloured/tinted. The colouration must not be done with Carbon Black.
  • Liners are exempted if they are easily separated from the packaging or closure.
  • Lightsensitive products may be packed in coloured packaging, but the colouration must not be done with Carbon black.
  • Rubber parts and thermoplastics in closures

1Primary packaging includes bottle, container or similar. Pouches are not included in this requirement.

2Closure includes caps/lids and mounted dosage equioment/pumps.