Of our most common animals for meat consumption, the broiler chicken is the most efficient in converting cereal and protein feed to meat. In Swedish poultry production, 1.6-1.75 kg of feed is needed to produce 1 kg of chicken, which results in emissions of 2-3 kg carbon dioxide equivalents per kg of boneless meat*. Chicken thereby causes low emissions of greenhouse gases per kg of meat in comparison to other types of meat.


Environmental goal
Agenda 2030
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Transport of animals to slaughterCoreTechnical specification
Information about the origin of the raw material - meatCoreTechnical specification
EU-organic productCoreTechnical specification
Responsibly produced soyAdvancedTechnical specification
No beak trimming - chicken and turkeyCoreTechnical specification
Occupancy rate - chickenCoreTechnical specification
Action plan for reduced use of antibiotics - Chicken and turkeyCoreTechnical specification
Stunning at the time of slaughter - chicken and turkeyAdvancedTechnical specification
Health reporting system - chicken and turkeyAdvancedTechnical specification
Limited use of antibiotics - chicken and turkeyAdvancedTechnical specification
Organic product - addition for chicken and eggsAdvancedTechnical specification
Minimum use of antibiotics - chicken and turkeySpearheadTechnical specification
Feed without GMO-contentSpearheadTechnical specification