Computers and screens

Life cycle analyses show that the most significant environmental impact from computers and monitors occurs in the production phase. The most important measure for reducing environmental impact from use of computers and monitors is to use the products for long periods of time. To reduce the environmental impact, in particular during the usage phase, you can set high requirements on the energy performance of the product.


Environmental goals
Agenda 2030
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Presence of substances of very high concern (the Candidate List)CoreSpecial contract termsComputers
Routines for substitution of hazardous substances in the productsAdvancedAward criteriaComputers
Plasticisers in external cablesAdvancedTechnical specificationComputers
Halogen free materials in power cablesAdvancedAward criteriaComputers
Halogen-free materials in motherboardsAdvancedAward criteriaComputers
Warranty and service agreementsCoreTechnical specificationComputers
Extended warranty and service agreementsCoreAward criteriaComputers
Access to spare partsCoreTechnical specificationComputers
Access to spare partsAdvancedTechnical specificationComputers
Memory and storage for computer tablets and portable all-in-one computersCoreAward criteriaComputers
Service life of rechargeable batteriesAdvancedAward criteriaComputers
Robust data storage units for notebooksAdvancedAward criteriaComputers
Durability test for notebooksAdvancedAward criteriaComputers
Durability tests for computer tabletsAdvancedAward criteriaComputers
Energy efficient computersCoreAward criteriaComputers
Marking of plastic casings and front panelsCoreTechnical specificationComputers
Marking of plastic casings and front panelsAdvancedTechnical specificationComputers
Metals in casing and front panelsAdvancedTechnical specificationComputers
Requirements under the ILO core conventionsCoreSpecial contract termsComputers
Sustainable supply chainsAdvancedSpecial contract termsComputers
Secure collecting, data erasure and upgrades of IT equipmentCoreSpecial contract termsServices for reuse and recycling of computers and monitors
Reports on reuse and recycling of equipmentCoreSpecial contract termsServices for reuse and recycling of computers and monitors