Durability test for notebooks

The purpose of this criterion is to award notebooks with an extra durable and robust construction, making them better prepared to withstand the strains and accidents in everyday life. Potentially, this may reduce the repair costs and extend the usable life of products.

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Award criteria

Criterion text

Points shall be awarded for products that have passed durability tests carried out according to IEC 60068, US MIL810G or equivalent.

Function performance requirements and test specifications are found in Annex I in the EU GPP criteria for computers and monitors. In-house tests with a stricter specification shall be accepted without the need to retest.

A maximum of X points, [X is specified by the contracting authority], are awarded, according to the following:

  • Accidental drop (X/4 points)
  • Resistance to shock (X/4 points)
  • Resistance to vibration (X/4 points)
  • Screen resilience (X/8 points)
  • Temperature stress (X/8 points)