Halogen free materials in power cables

Halogen-free materials reduce the risks of  releasing environmental and health hazardous  substances during faulty waste management.

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Criterion level


Criterion type

Award criteria

Criterion text

In order to receive [points/discounts] during tender evaluation, power cables must be halogen free in accordance with the definition given in the IEC 628211 standard; that is, that they may contain no more than:

  • 900 ppm chlorine
  • 900 ppm bromine
  • 1,500 ppm halogens

The product(s) that is(are) covered by this award criterion is shown in the relevant position, product list or equivalent.

In its tender, the supplier states whether the award criterion has been met (for the product(s) to which it applies). During tender evaluation, the contracting organisation may request that suppliers verify that the criterion is met. If the supplier is not able to verify that the criterion is met, the contracting organisation will not award the tender with the specified points or price reduction for the relevant position.