Robust data storage units for notebooks

The purpose of this criterion is to award extra robust data storage units, (e.g. hard disks), to better manage shocks and accidents in everyday use. Thus, valuable data will be protected, and the products service life will be extended.

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Points shall be awarded if the primary data storage unit in a portable computer fulfils at least one of the following requirements:

  • Option 1: the hard disk must withstand shocks in the form of half sine waves of 400 G, (operating), and 900 G, (non-operatingl), for 2milliseconds without damage to data or the performance of the drive.
  • Option 2: The hard disk read/write head must withdraw from the disk surface in less than 300milliseconds upon detection of the notebook having been dropped from desk height, (76cm) regardless of the hard disk's orientation.

A solid state storage drivetechnology, such as SSD or eMMC, is used