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The following European organisations conduct operations associated with sustainable food procurement. (Norway) is run by the Agency for Public Management and eGovernment (Difi). Difi aims to make it easier to incorporate social causes, cost effectiveness and a focus on quality into public procurement.

EU Commission’s website on green procurement
On this website, you will find information on how the many public procurements rounds that are conducted within the EU can be designed to take environmental aspects into better consideration. It offers guidance on how those engaged in procurement can reduce their harmful environmental impact, educational material, a glossary and current report and studies in the area.

EU Commission on public procurement
The website for public procurement within the framework of the European Union’s General Directorate for the internal market. This site presents the directives that govern procurement in the EU, along with guidance, news and other key documentation. The information is available in English, French and German.

European Union’s official journal (OJ)
The EU’s official journal, OJ, is published five times a week and offers a supplement on public procurement.

Explanatory notes on new directives
The European Commission’s website that includes explanatory notes on new directives related to public procurement. The information is available in English, French and German.

Current EU legislation in the field of public procurement
This site presents the current legislation related to public procurement.

Public Procurement Network
This site offers links to the national authorities in charge of overseeing public procurement in the EU.

The European Commission’s joint site for public procurement.

TED database
TED offers free access to information on public procurement that exceeds the EU threshold value within the EU and EEA. The website is updated five times a week with about 1,500 messages on forthcoming, ongoing and completed public procurements, as well as ads on pre-qualification. (Denmark)
Udbudsportalen offers those engaging in public procurement and suppliers guidance and tools to facilitate the public procurement process. The site is run by the Local Government of Denmark and the Danish Business Authority. (Finland)
The web service provides information on best practices in the public procurement process in Finland. The Finnish Public Procurement Advisory Unit is in charge of this service.

WTO Global Procurement Agreement
This site offers the WTO’s multilateral agreements on public procurement – GPA (Government Procurement Agreement). The agreement encompasses procurement by governmental authorities, local and regional authorities and associated companies, as well as contracting entities in the utilities sectors of electricity, water and transportation. The agreement includes principles on national treatment, rules of procedure, legal means and more.

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