Accredited certification bodies

Below is a list of certification bodies that are active in the food industry.

Read more about accredited certification at SWEDAC (Swedish Board for Accreditation and Conformity Assessment).

AAA Certification

A3Cert is a certification body for the environmental management systems ISO 9001, ISO 14001, etc.

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Kiwa Sverige AB

Kiwa Sverige is a certification company for the entire food chain, from agriculture, beekeeping and fishery, to processing companies, stores, cafeterias and restaurants. Kiwa conducts certifications for such organisations as KRAV, IP Sigill, HACCP, UTZ and ISO 22000.

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Bureau Veritas Certificering

Bureau Veritas is the world’s leading certification body, and certifies international standards and management systems covering areas including the environment, health and social responsibility.

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Debio is licenced to conduct controls and issue certifications under KRAV’s rules in Norway. It offers certifications for aquaculture and fisheries, as well as the processing of products from aquaculture and fisheries.

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Det Norske Veritas Certifikation (DNV)

Det Norske Veritas is an independent, Norwegian foundation aimed at protecting lives, property and the environment. It currently offers certifications in several different industries, including food. In this area, its focus is on food safety, the certification of management systems and sustainable fisheries. It issues certifications under such standards as ISO 22000 and HACCP.

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HS Certifiering

HS Certifiering is part of the Swedish Rural Economy and Agricultural Societies and issues certifications in primary productions (crop production, animal husbandry and beekeeping) and processing production for KRAV and EU producers. In addition, they issue certifications for stores, restaurants and cafeterias, and offer IP Sigill certification.

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Intertek Semko Certification

Intertek is a major global testing and certification body that annually conducts safety tests on more than 10,000 products. It issues certifications under most EU labels, but also has its own labels. The most well-known in Sweden is the S label.

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In Sweden, the KRAV organisation is in charge of overseeing and certifying organic production. KRAV also oversees and certifies “EU organic”, meaning articles produced in accordance with EU regulations. The KRAV label demonstrates that the production was conducted without the use of chemical pesticides, without fertilizers and that the animals were treated properly and have access to the outdoors and pastures according to animal type and climate.

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LRQA Sverige

LRQA is an independent certification body active in training, verification and certification. The organisation is global and issues certifications in accordance with international standards, both nationally and locally.

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SFK Certifiering

SFK Certifiering is an independent Swedish certification body that works with quality, the environment and the workplace environment. For environmental matters, they help implement and certify environmental management systems and EMAS, and help the operation with quality management systems.

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SMAK (Svensk matpotatis kontroll – Swedish potato control)

SMAK offers quality and certification services to the food industry and primarily works with testing operations (which encompasses quality control and quality systems for potatoes) and certifications (which encompasses all types of agricultural and gardening production, as well as food preparation and imports).

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SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden

SP is an international research institute with expertise in the development and evaluation of technology, materials, products and processes. Food is one of the company’s profile areas, in which one of its subsidiaries, SIK, plays a major role. The company works with food and environmental footprints, product safety, product development related to food, training courses and so forth.

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Svensk Certifiering

Svensk Certifiering certifies management systems in various areas including the food industry. The organisation is geared toward the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485 and ISO 22000 standards.

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Valiguard is designated an SE Ekol 5 organisation and is an accredited certification body for KRAV’s regulatory framework and the EU Council’s regulations. Valiguard conducts third-party audits focused on food safety and quality.

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