Supporting E-procurement

During a food procurement process, vast quantities of information are handled, which makes it important for the information to be accurate and easily accessible, including details on packaging sizes, quality and environmental performance, as well as price.

Procurement systems simplify and enhance the efficiency of municipality’s administrative processing of the procurement and they help maintain order among the documentation and correspondence. Following the system’s set-up also reduces the risks of making a mistake or forgetting to include a key detail.

A procurement system also reduces the supplier’s sales costs and makes the procurement process more time effective for both parties. There are currently several procurements systems available on the market and the differences between them are more a matter of design than functionality.

The procurement systems are advancing and functions are constantly being added, so this field will surely facilitate the procurement process in the time to come.

An example of a company that offers support during the procurement process is Visma Opic.

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