The procurement process

Good advice for entities engaging in the procurement of food.

Assess the value of food procurement right in the budget process. If the procurement process exceeds the budget, perhaps the municipality must redefine its needs.

Procuring large volumes of organic products may be somewhat more expensive than conventionally cultivated products, which may influence the contract value, but will also have an impact on the number of diners and the level of waste, meaning food that is thrown away. If this volume is substantial, then the price difference may well turn out to be minor.


Spread knowledge about public procurement in your organisation – this will make it easier to open discussions among the various departments at the organisation. It is advantageous if both the buyers and the reference groups have food procurement experience so that they realise that a great deal of time and effort must be spent on this process.

Engage as many individuals with purchasing expertise as possible. This will make it easier to incorporate the procurement process into your own organisation and facilitate contractual fidelity!

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