How is your municipality structured?

What needs does your municipality have?

There are many considerations to keep in mind prior to a food procurement round. The needs of the entire municipality must be identified, and in the case of food procurement, there are often many buyers involved whose needs must be satisfied. Ask your colleagues who place the daily orders about their experiences and request suggestions for improvement.

What are your needs (available only in Swedish)?

It is common for several municipalities to form a regional partnership and jointly procure goods and services. This raises the demands on the needs analysis to ensure that all of the municipalities are satisfied since multiple delivery addresses, greater geographical distances and major delivery volumes several times a week are often involved.

How does your market look (available only in Swedish)?

Good points to keep in mind ahead of your food procurement process 

  • How are decisions made regarding the procurement process?
  • What is the structure behind the delegation of tasks? Make sure that matters are delegated in writing and that you know who makes what decisions. 
  • What policy documents and other forms of governing guidelines does your organisation have?
  • Does it have a purchasing policy, environmental policy or internal governance guidelines?
  • What objectives does the municipality have in the field of food and meals?
  • What requirements should be stipulated for the products? 
  • Is the municipality certified by, for example, EMAS or Fair Trade, or does it have policy guidelines for purchasing organic products?
  • How many resources are needed to chart this demand? Does it need to be replaced? Or are comprehensive analyses of new needs required?
  • Does the demand warrant looking for new purchasing partners, such as nearby municipalities? If so, how are we to work with our own local reference groups?
  • Who will outline a procurement plan that covers: - A timetable for the entire procurement process – Economic and administrative procurement means and parameters – Resource planning, e.g. who is working on each phase – Scheduling, e.g. contacting personnel and coordinating the meeting schedule.

What is the status on agreements?

  • Are there any existing framework agreements available for use?
  • Are there any framework agreement partnerships that you can flag an interest in for the future?
  • What can be achieved under the existing agreements?
  • What are the pros and cons, and what can be improved on ahead of the next procurement?

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