LOU – this is how it works

The Public Procurement Act, LOU, enables contracting entities to stipulate requirements on a supplier’s technical abilities and expertise, as well as far-reaching requirements on the product or service in terms of the environment, animal protection and quality.

Proactive decision-making practices in the procurement process generate the means with which to reach an agreement between the buy side and the supply side which enable orders to be placed through the agreement.

Buyers and suppliers with limited experience of public procurement may need a tutorial on the regulatory framework and how this governs the procurement process. Here is a step-by-step guide to how this process works, which provides all the relevant information about how procurement is practiced in accordance with the procurement legislation.

Furthermore, here is a checklist and information on evaluation models and follow-up procedures. You will also find our tools to help you stipulate the right requirements on the environment and animal protection in the procurement of food.

What LOU has to say about locally produced goods
Requirements on proper animal care in public procurement
Opportunities and obstacles under LOU

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