Create a toxic-free environment by choosing products without chemicals that are hazardous to the environmental and public health.

Toxic-free environment among Sweden’s environmental objectives

The Swedish parliament has adopted 16 environmental quality objectives – one of which is a toxic-free environment. By 2020, the aim of this objective is for man-made or extracted substances in the environment to not pose a threat to human health or biological diversity.

The Swedish Chemicals Agency’s work on drafting an action plan for a toxic-free everyday environment is part of a larger effort to achieve this objective. The plan emphasises, among other things, the importance of stricter environmental and health aspects in public procurement by implementing requirements on chemicals.

The National Agency for Public Procurement has developed requirements on chemicals

Our fully pre-formulated chemicals requirements are based on the precautionary principle and the substitution principle. The requirements entail either a limitation on certain substances or substance groups in both goods and chemical products, or banning the use of substances with certain characteristics in the product.
Our chemicals efforts aim to help achieve Sweden’s environmental objective of a toxic-free environment.

Product areas with requirements on chemicals

The easiest way to find our requirements on chemicals is by searching for “Toxin-free environment” in our environmental objective search. The environmental objective search, "Miljömålssöken" is currently available in Swedish only.

Requirements have been developed for the following product areas:

  • IT and telecom
  • Building and property
  • Cleaning and chemicals
  • Vehicles and transportation
  • Offices and textiles
  • Electricity and lighting
  • Food
  • Nursing and care
  • Services
  • Toxic-free preschools

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