This is the criteria wizard and the criteria library

All of the National Agency for Public Procurement’s procurement criteria are available in a database to simplify locating the requirements, finding the associated information and to simplify downloading and using the requirements. Here is a brief guide as to how it works.

Download the requirements via the criteria wizard

The criteria wizard is a tool that allows users to easily search for and present information from the National Agency for Public Procurement's criteria database. You find the criteria wizard by using the green button at the upper right corner of this website. 

The criteria can be downloaded through the criteria wizard. It is not entirely unlike a shopping basket at an e-commerce store.

Six simple steps

Over the course of six steps, the criteria wizard guides you to the requirements of your choice. At any time, you can go back and change your selection by clicking on back. Your selections are saved in case you would like to read any other information on the website and subsequently return to the wizard.

Steps 1-3

Begin by selecting a product area, product group and product subgroup. You can several product subgroups within each product group.

If you would like to learn more about the groups themselves, you can click on the name of the group and a window will open with information.

Step 4

Choose a level by selecting it in the adjustments control. The requirements for each level are listed below. Please note that the advanced level also includes the basic requirements. In certain cases, the basic requirements are replaced by new requirements, but this is done automatically. The same principle applies at the spearhead level.

For a more advanced search, you can choose categories under the “Choose a category” tab, under which the requirements of the selected level and category are listed. Please note that other important environmental aspects are hereby unselected.

Step 5

By clicking on each requirement in the list, you can see the other levels of each requirement. Here, you can make further adjustments and unselect requirements by unchecking the selected box. You can see which requirements are included at the various levels and you can see what type of requirement it is (qualification requirement, technical specification, award criteria or contract condition)
Once you are satisfied with your selection, you can click on next to download the requirement.

Step 6

In this step, you download the requirements in the format of your choice – by email or right on your screen. The only thing we need you to do is register and log in using your email address, title and organisation. Once you have registered as a user, you can download the criteria of your choice along with the associated information.

All information is stored in accordance with the Personal Data Act. Your email address will only be used to send you the requirements that you personally selected, send outs of any information regarding updates and revisions to current requirements that you have recently downloaded, and to conduct any follow-ups. This allows us to maintain reliable download statistics so that we can advance and improve our operations.

Criteria library

The criteria library is the actual database with all of the information in it. Here, all of the information is sorted using a traditional product tree in which you click your way ahead through the structure to the information being sought. All of our sustainability requirements are listed here at various levels with the associated motives, proposals for verification and background information available in each field, consisting of, for example, application instructions, preliminary studies, market analyses, and questions and answers.

Under the header “associated criterias” you can adjust the controls to see which requirements correspond to each level. To download the requirements, you can click on the Download requirements tab via the criteria wizard to complete the download.

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