Requirements, different levels

The National Agency for Public Procurement’s pre-formulated sustainability requirements aim to enable organisations to set proactive and progressive requirements. These requirements are developed, whenever possible, at three levels – a basic level, advanced level and spearhead level.

The different levels are basic level, advanced level and spearhead level.

  • Basic level: The basic level comprises requirements that are focused on reducing the majority of the environmental/sustainability impact that is associated with the specific product area. The aim is to enable organisations to practice sustainable procurement without requiring excessive levels of resources and expertise. The basic requirements are more ambitious that the current legislation. There is often ample access to goods and services that fulfil these requirements. The requirements are easy to use and verify.
  • Advanced level: The advanced level comprises requirements that go beyond the basic level and that may require more effort to follow up and review the verification of.
  • Spearhead level: At this level, the best available alternatives in the market in terms of environmental and other sustainability aspects are in demand. This means that the supply of goods and services is lower than for basic and advanced requirements. Spearhead requirements mean that, as a buyer, you may require more specialist expertise and may need to spend more time on verification.

Based on the available market information, their level of ambition, resources and needs, the user must independently determine which level or levels that are to be applied. The requirements that correspond to each level are listed under each product and in the requirement wizard.

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