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More than four billion hectares of the earth's land surface is covered by forest (31%). Roughly 30 percent of these forests are used for the production of raw timber products. Almost a quarter (24%) is used for the production of raw timber products in combination with the extraction of other resources such as wood, medicine, oil, resin, rubber, dyes, fruit and nuts .

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In addition to these functions, the world's forests provide a number of "eco-system services", such as:

  • climate regulation through the sequestration of carbon dioxide in vegetation and soil
  • water regulation through the equalization of heavy water flows
  • erosion control
  • water purification
  • biodiversity

The forest is, in other words, significant for global raw material supply and economy, the environment, local communities and various indigenous peoples. On a global level, a continuous degradation of forest resources in the form of deforestation, forest degeneration and loss of biodiversity. It is therefore important to set requirements on how raw forestry materials are produced, with requirements for legal and acceptable origin at the basic level.

Environmental aspects


The procurement criteria in this document are intended to be used for the procurement of products in which wood is an essential or distinctive component, e.g. furniture, paper products or construction products, or for the procurement of energy  produced with wood fuels.

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