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These sustainability criteria cover household appliances intended for "normal household use". This includes for example household washing machines and dishwashers used at preschools, nursing homes and social housing. References to energy labelling and ecodesign regulations therefore refer to those that apply to household products.

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This product group does not include appliances such as washing machines for laundries, appliances for mass catering etc. Criteria that apply to such products can be found in the Professional kitchen product category.

EU regulations: Energy labeling and eco-design

Energy consumption during the use phase constitutes a significant part of an appliance's environmental impact. It is therefore important to ensure that purchased appliances are energy efficient.

New energy efficiency requirements will apply for washing machines, refrigerators, freezers and dishwashers from 1 March 2021 when the revised energy labelling and ecodesign regulations come into force. More information about rules that apply for each type of product can be found on the Swedish Energy Agency's website. In brief, the revised regulations involve updated and expanded ecodesign requirements and a rescale of the energy labelling system to A-G. The calculation formulae used in these energy classifications have been updated in the new energy calculation regulations. The Ecodesign Regulation now also covers resource efficiency and requirements regarding repairability and the availability of spare parts.

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Environmentally adapted household appliances