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A professional kitchen is an energy-intensive activity. In a school, for example, it is estimated that the kitchen facilities answer for approx. 13% of the electricity consumption (excluding heating). The equipment used for cooking, refrigeration and dishwashing is energy intensive and remains switch on for many hours a day. It is highly relevant, from a life cycle cost perspective, to demand energy-efficient equipment and good quality products. Professional kitchen equipment is designed for a long life and intensive use - a boiling pan can, for example, last up to 30 years.

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To demand energy smart systems when designing a professional kitchen can greatly affect the kitchen's overall energy use and reduce losses. User behaviour is an additional factor which to some extent affects energy use in the kitchen.
The criteria comprises professional kitchen equipment and criteria for kitchen planning and installation.


Expert group on professional kitchens, incl. manufacturers, kitchen planners, industry association, procurers, Swedish Energy Agency.

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