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Bread, buns and cakes can be included in full procurement processes but in the procurement of fresh bread, buns and cakes, this often takes place through separate procurement processes.

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The climate impact of bread is between 0.5 and 1 kg of CO2 equivalents per kg of bread, except for bake-off bread, which is slightly higher but still below 1.5 kg CO2 equivalents per kg of bread. The climate impact from raw material production is the largest single contributor in the life cycles of bread, about 50-70%. Transport is the second largest contributor for large-scale industrial bread, but it is a very small factor for bread with a regional market or home-made bread. Packaging accounts for about 10-15% of its climate impact, while energy use in bakeries accounts for only a small part.

Palm oil is used, for example, in biscuits and fried products. Production of the world's most important oil takes place primarily in Indonesia and Malaysia, where extremely large-scale plantations have led to species-rich rain forests being cut down and replaced with oil palm plantations. However, there are initiatives that are working for more sustainable production of palm oil.

Environmental aspects


Plain bread and coffee bread with a content of cereals of at least 20% of the individual product. Requirements for palm oil, however, apply in all products where palm oil is included.
Examples of products to which the criteria apply:

  • Plain bread (hard, soft fresh, soft frozen, bake off)
  • Coffee bread (buns and cake)



Subject matter of contract

Sustainable production of plain bread and coffee bread

Associated criteria

Technical specification
Technical specification
Technical specification
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Application instructions

Use the criterion or the criteria/levels that suit your requirements and your goals.

It is also important to indicate how the tenderer should respond to the criteria and what verification (certification) should be submitted (e.g. own reply form).