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Fish and shellfish have many positive effects on the health and we are recommended to eat more fish. Although, many fish species and aquatic mammals are threatened by extinction, or to be dramatically reduced in number. Many of the world's fish stocks have been overestimated or are on the limit to what they can withstand.

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When procuring fish and shellfish it is important to make sure that the products come from viable stocks which can withstand the fishing practices. This means e.g. that enough individuals must exist in the area where the fishing occurs, both sexually mature and younger species, to secure a long term sustainable stock. The recommendations from ICES (International council for the exploration of the sea) shall always be the basis for the stocks which are considered to be sustainable.

Other important aspects include that fishing gear shall avoid to catch fish from wrong size or fish from other species, so called by-catch. In large-scale fishing all over the world, by-catches are often big. Traceability is also an important aspect. It must be possible to trace where the fish has been caught.

Environmental aspects


Wild fish and cultivated fish, shellfish and molluscs. 

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Sustainable fish and shellfish

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Technical specification
Technical specification
Technical specification
Technical specification
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Use the criteria or the level which suites your needs and goals. Possibly a award criteria can be used as as a technical specification and V.V. if this is wanted (be aware of the effects this could have on the market). The user must adjust layout and texts etc. to the own template and remove certain parts which are not relevante to be included in the tender. It is also important to inform suppliers how they shall respond to the criteria and which verifications shall be given (e.g. the use of reply forms).

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