Product group

Meal services and catering

Procurement of meals services means that the contracting authority procures an external supplier which wholly or partly runs the meals service.

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Procured meals services may have many different forms and scope, depending on which area of the organisation is considered, e.g. preschools, schools, retirement homes, hospitals, food boxes for the home environment, party catering, coffee break catering etc. Use the criteria which apply to your organisation. Select the level of requirements based on ambition and the organisation's ability to follow up requirements.

The areas covered by the criteria in the criteria document for meals services and catering are:

  • Food
  • Performance requirements
  • Packaging
  • Cleaning
  • Distribution

Subject of procurement

Sustainable meals services and catering

Application instructions

Use the criterion or the criteria/levels that suit your requirements and your goals. It is also important to indicate how the tenderer should respond to the criteria and what verification (certification) should be submitted (e.g. supplier declaration).