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Vegetable fats

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Vegetable fats are produced of a mix of different fats, such as rapeseed oil, olive oil, sunflower oil or butter. Generally, vegetable fats have lower environmental impact than animal fats.

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Palm oil are used in many products used daily. In food, palm oil is especially common in desserts, sweet bread, cookies and fried products. Production of this very important oil primarily takes place in Indonesia and Malaysia where large scale palm oil plantations have led to deforestation of tropical forests which rich wildlife. Substitution of forests for palm oil plantations threatens animal life and biodiversity in areas with non-substitutable environmental values.

Palm oil however fills a unique function in substituting trans-fats and the cultivation is an important income for many small-hold farmers. There are international initiatives which work to increase the sustainability in the palm oils production. 

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Sustainably produced vegetable fats

Application instructions

Criteria for vegetable fats previously connected to product group cereals and sugar are clarified via specific product group. For background see chapter 3.5 in Förstudie spannmålsprodukter och socker (in Swedish only)

Use the criterion or criteria which best suits your organization’s needs, goals and capacity to monitor compliance. Indicate in the document specifically which products are to fulfil the requirement and be sure to inform yourself of market access. It is also important to state how the tenderer should respond to the criteria and what verification (means of evidence) is to be provided.