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Vending is the English word for the sale of products and services via an automatic machine. Vending is a way in which such things as hot and cold drinks, confectionery, fruit, prepared food and a large number of non-edible products can be made available throughout the day. There are many places where vending machines fill a need, for example, offices, schools, factories, hospitals and sports facilities. 90% of the vending market in Sweden consists of hot drink, with a focus on coffee machines. 10% of all coffee consumed in Sweden is from vending machines.
The vending machines, ingredients and other products are usually manufactured by large international companies. A local vending machine operator usually takes care of the sale, service and refilling of vending machines.

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There is great potential for environmental improvements as, among others, coffee machines consume a great deal of electricity. Possible energy savings for coffee machines are 10-50 %, for soft drinks or water dispensers < 50 %. Procurement is a good instrument to influence the market toward more energy-efficient machines.

Seen from a lifecycle perspective, this means an additional environmental benefit in the procurement to request refurbished and upgraded vending machines of equivalent quality as brand-new equipment. Vending operators must provide comprehensive function guarantees through service agreements throughout the contract period.

Subject of procurement

In order to clarify for the tenderer that the procurement is aimed toward objects of especially good environmental performance the following heading is proposed: "Energy-efficient and climate-friendly vending machines" and "Environmentally adapted and climate efficient vending services".


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