Labour law requirements

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By stipulating labour law requirements at the procurement, the public sector can promote fair working conditions for workers involved in the performance of public contracts.

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Contracting authorities are in certain cases mandated to stipulate labour law requirements. Labour law requirements must be stipulated if a procurement:

  • as a minimum reaches the ammount of the current threshold according to LOU, LUF or LUK, 
  • does not concern a procurement of social services and other special services, 
  • has started on June 1, 2017 or later, 
  • is necessary, and 
  • labour law requirements can be defined.  

It is in other words not always mandatory to stipulate labour law requirements. It depends on, among other things, the value of the contract and when the procurement process started. The regulations are also different depending on whether the contract will be performed in Sweden or in other countries where Swedish law is not applicable. 

If work is performed in Sweden, conditions of salary, holidays, and working hours must be stipulated in accordance with a central collective agreement. If work is performed in other countries, where Swedish law is not applicable, the conditions must be determined in compliance with ILO core conventions. 

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