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Requirements under the ILO core conventions and sustainable supply chains

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Contracting authorities and entities are in certain cases mandated to stipulate labour law requirements if it is necessary. This means that there is a risk of unfair working conditions during the performance of the contract. If the work is performed in countries where Swedish law is not applicable, requirements according to the ILO core conventions must be included in the procurement document.

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The Swedish regulations on labour law requirements can be found in the Public Procurement Act (LOU) Chapter 17 Sections 2-5, the Act on Public Procurement in the Utilities Sectors (LUF) Chapter 16 Sections 2-5 and in the Act on Public Procurement of Concessions (LUK) Chapter 14 Sections 2-5. 

Contracting authorities can, in addition to the mandatory requirement concerning the ILO core conventions, stipulate environmental, social and other requirements, according to the terms for fulfilment of agreements (Chapter 17 Section 1 LOU, Chapter 16 Section 1 LUF and Chapter 14 Section 1 LUK).

The conditions regarding sustainable supply chains are therefore more far-reaching and include the areas of human rights, labour rights, environment and anti-corruption.  

Application instructions

The National Agency for Public Procurement has published guidance that can be used by contracting authorities to ensure responsible supply chains for the goods and services that they procure.

The guidance includes the following documents:

  • Application support: Labour law requirements under the ILO core conventions and terms regarding sustainable supply chains.
  • Contract terms for labour law requirements under the ILO core conventions (basic level).
  • Contract terms regarding sustainable supply chains (advanced level).
  • Appendix 1A – self-assessment questionnaire (basic level).
  • Appendix 1B – self-assessment questionnaire (advanced level).