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Health Care EEE

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The sustainability criteria for Health Care EEE (Electrical and Electronic Equipment) supports the development of more energy-efficient equipment, reduced content of environmentally and health-hazardous substances and extended product life.

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The criteria consist of general criteria for all types of equipment (see scope below) and product-specific criteria within some product areas. Medical supplies are included in cases where these directly connect to the use and functionality of the equipment.

The criteria include the following types of medical equipment:

  • Anaesthesia equipment- ventilator (intensive care ventilator excl. transport ventilator, anaesthesia ventilator excl. home ventilators) (CPV 33157000-5)
  • Bed side monitoring equipment (CPV 33195100-4)
  • Computed Tomography, CT (CPV 33115100-0)
  • Electrocardiographic (ECG) equipment, diagnostic (CPV 33123200-0)
  • Endoscopic equipment (camera unit, endoscope, light, air pump) (CPV 33168100-6)
  • Flusher disinfector (CPV 39330000-4)
  • Haemodialysis equipment (CPV 33181100-3)
  • HF, RF Surgery, diathermy equipment, bipolar, mono polar (CPV 33161000-6)
  • Incubators for babies, permanent (CPV 33152000-0)
  • Infusion pumps and syringe pumps (CPV 33194110-0)
  • Intensive care equipment - active respiratory gas humidifier (CPV 33157400-9)
  • Laser instruments for surgery (CPV 33169100-3)
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging, MRI (CPV 33111610-0)
  • Medical freezers (CPV 39711120-6)
  • Medical lighting- surgical lamps (CPV 31524110-9)
  • Medical sterilizer (CPV 33191110-9)
  • Patient warming systems (blankets, pads, mattresses) (CPV 33160000-9, 33162000-3)
  • Ultrasound, excl. therapeutic (CPV 33112200-0)
  • Washer disinfector (CPV 33191000-5)
  • X-ray (including Mammography, excl. osteoporosis) (CPV 33111000-1, 33111650-2)