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The sustainability criteria for paper products regard tissue paper as well as printing and copying paper. 

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The greatest environmental impact from paper products takes place during production in the form of raw material use, emissions to water and air, and energy consumption and thereby greenhouse emissions. The sustainability criteria for paper products are aimed at minimizing the environmental impact from these areas.

There are no criteria concerning recycled paper in these criteria. The primary reasons for this are:

  • continuous influx of new fibres in the fibre system are necessary because there is a maximum limit on how many times a fibre can be recycled. Without new fibres, there cannot be any recycled fibres

  • based on factors such as economy and quality, the industry directs recycled fibres to products that are best suited to use them, such as corrugated cardboard, newsprint and tissue paper

  • globally, there is a very high demand for recycled fibre, but the demand cannot be covered in Europe and despite a very high collection rate, Sweden still imports recycled fibres

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