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Textilies with dirt and oil repellent function

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Environment and health-hazardous substances can be used to provide a dirt and oil repellent function. This requirement states that Substances of Very High Concern shall not be used.

Technical specification RequirementID: 11028: 1

Substances included on the candidate list (Article 59 of the REACH Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006) shall not be used in the treatment of textiles for providing a dirt and oil repellent function.



  •  Certification schemes (valid certificate) that fulfills the requirment, for example:

    Nordic Ecolabelling of Textile, hides/ skins and leather Version 4
    EU Ecolabel 2014/350/EU
    Bra Miljöval Textil Kriterier 2012 (kategori fiber och beredning)
    GOTS version 5.0, 2017
    ​other typ I (ISO 14024) certification system fulfilling the requirement


  • Signed supplier declaration, which is to be based on technical documentation from suppliers and materials manufacturers, and materials tests if necessary, in accordance with recommendations in the Swedish Chemical Agency's "Guidance for Suppliers of Articles". If the textilie don´t have any dirt and oil repellent treatment it is stated.






There are also requirements on water repellent treatments, while this requirement encompasses dirt and oil repellent treatments. Dirt and oil repellent treatment of textiles can be achieved by using environment and health-hazardous substances, and this requirement can then be used to avoid such substances in these textiles. The candidate list in the EU chemicals legislation REACH lists substances that have very hazardous inherent properties that are, e.g. carcinogenic, mutagenic, toxic for reproduction, persistent in the environment, bioaccumulative and endocrine disruptors. The substances on the list are candidates for being entered in REACH Annex XIV of substances subject to authorisation.
  • RequirementID: 11028: 1
  • Latest version 2017-12-21