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Quality assurance procedures

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Having a quality management system is the foundation for a functioning chemical management and for control in the supplier chain.

Qualification requirement RequirementID: 11031
The supplier of the tendered products shall present procedures for systematic quality management and have documented procedures and instructions to ensure:
  • That the requirements are controlled and fulfilled during the contract period.
  • That documentation to verify fulfilment of the requirements is available.
  • That there is a contact person with respect to the contracting authority.


To ensure compliance with the above points, the procedures and instructions shall include at least the following:
1. Organisation, quality manager, contact person to the contracting authority and any other responsible persons and their areas of responsibility.
2. Reporting and processing of deviations related to the set requirements.
3. Reporting, documentation and management of claims and complaints regarding the tendered products.
4. Traceability upstream in the supplier chain.
5. The contact person's annual reporting of the above points to the contracting authority.

  • The supplier's valid ISO 9001 certificate


  • Own documented system encompassing what is stated in the requirement. And audit protocol of completed external audit. The protocol is to be no more than one year old and signed by the supplier and auditor.

Fulfilment of this requirement demonstrates that the supplier is able to provide the documentation requested in the requirement.

  • RequirementID: 11031
  • Latest version 2015-05-04