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Toxic-free preschool

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Toxic-free preschool provides support to local authorities and other organizations who wants to set requirements in their procurement, in order to contribute to reducing the incidence of chemicals that are hazardous to the environment and human health in preschool.

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The use of substances hazardous to the environment and human health are limited to some extent by the EU chemicals legislation REACH or through various product regulations. But to achieve a non-toxic environment, other instruments than legislation is needed. Substances counted as hazardous to the environment and human health have properties such as carcinogenic, mutagenic, toxic for reproduction and endocrine-disrupting. But for many substances there is a lack of knowledge on their dangerous properties. In terms of combined effects of different substances (the so-called cocktail effect), knowledge is very insufficient. New findings on the properties and effects of substances hazardous to the environment and human health comes all the time. According to the Swedish Chemicals Agency, children are particularly vulnerable to the effects that may occur with

These requirements helps the organization to set relevant chemical requirements above the legislative level on the products procured to preschool.

Products procured to preschool sometimes are included in larger contract areas, such as office supplies or foodstuff. If you choose to use the requirements on the entire contract area, and not just on products intended for use in preschools, a market survey should be done to ensure that there are products that meet the requirements.