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Requirements for goods transport are intended to be used in the procurement of transport, or in the procurement of goods, where goods transport is an inherent part. Examples of such goods are food and various types of bulk goods.

Subject of procurement

Procurement of goods transport services conducted using heavy vehicles, light vehicles or bicycles.

Application instructions

The criteria are adapted for goods transport services conducted using heavy vehicles, light vehicles or bicycles. The following transport services are covered by the requirements: general cargo, wholesale goods and temperature-controlled transport. Examples of possible transportations are:

  • Consignments weighing less than 2 kg each
  • Letters and parcels (max 50 kg)
  • General cargo (max 1 tonne)
  • Wholesale goods (> 1 tonne)
  • Full loads (> 5 tonne)
  • Bulk transports
  • Temperature-controlled transports (both refrigerated transports and food transports)
  • Household removals
  • Waste transports (for example, between a reloading station and a treatment facility).

The environmental requirements focus on how vehicles can be environmentally adapted in respect of their emissions into the air of environmentally harmful substances, such as nitric oxides, hydrocarbons and particulate matter. Energy efficiency, emissions of greenhouse gases, noise and environmental impacts linked to service and maintenance are also included. Traffic safety requirements can be found in the document of the same name. The criteria can also be used in the procurement of other services that entail the indirect purchasing of transport services, for example, cleaning services, service transport, etc.
The criteria document is not intended for use in the procurement of contracts that include the use of machinery, for example, construction and building projects, or snow clearance assignments. For this type of procurement, the National Agency for Public Procurement refers you to the environmental requirements used by the Swedish Transport Administration, the City of Göteborg, the city of Malmö and the city of Stockholm; Environmental requirements in the procurement of contracts and services, link
In the procurement of refuse collection it is recommended that clients consult the Template for the procurement of waste collection services (November 2011), which was jointly drawn up by the Swedish Waste Management and Recycling Association, the Swedish Association of Road Transport Companies and the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions. The template is available at, and contains a comprehensive selection of environmental, work environment and traffic safety requirements. The criteria is this document can be used for the procurement of waste transport, for example from a reloading station to a treatment facility. 
The criteria for goods transport have been harmonised so that the reflect, as far as possible, the requirements formulated in the following documents:

  • The Ordinance on the environmental and traffic safety requirements for authorities' cars and car journeys (SFS 2009:1).
  • General environmental requirements in the procurement of contracts; guideline from the Swedish Transport Administration with document ID TDOK 2012:93. Most recently revised 19/03/2012.

Specific contractual conditions for more efficient transport systems and effective fuel use are to be clarified and have therefore been removed for the time being.

Pending criteria