Smartphones and tablets

The criteria group includes requirements that can be placed on laptop and notebook computers, both new and used, according to the title of the criteria.


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Agenda 2030
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Smartphones and tablets
Standardised port for external mains power supply (new equipment)CoreTechnical specification
Protective cases and screen protectors (new and refurbished equipment)CoreTechnical specification
Rechargeable battery endurance for reused equipmentCoreTechnical specification
Battery life (new equipment)CoreTechnical specification
Robustness of the product (new equipment)CoreTechnical specification
Battery protection software (new and refurbished equipment)CoreTechnical specification
Battery life (new equipment)AdvancedTechnical specification
Product guarantee (new equipment)AdvancedSpecial contract terms
Product guarantee (new and refurbished equipment)CoreSpecial contract terms
Information about battery state of health (new and refurbished equipment)CoreTechnical specification
Availability of spare parts (new equipment)AdvancedSpecial contract terms
Secure data deletion feature (new and refurbished equipment)AdvancedTechnical specification
Information about the climate impact of equipment (new equipment)AdvancedSpecial contract terms
Procedures for the substitution of hazardous substances in the equipment (new equipment)AdvancedSpecial contract terms
Quality of the refurbishing/remanufacturing process (refurbished equipment)CoreSpecial contract terms
Content of substances of very high concern (new and refurbished equipment)CoreSpecial contract terms