Find sustainability criteria

In our criteria service, you will find sustainability criteria for purchasing with a focus on environmental and social sustainability. You can use these criteria in the design of a procurement. Setting requirements for sustainability in procurement can contribute to achieving several societal goals within environmental, social and economic sustainability.

About the criteria service 

Through the filtering function, you can find criteria in several areas at different levels. 

  • Use the plus sign (+) next to a heading to see which areas are under each category (when you enter the start page for the criteria service, the areas are unfolded). 
  • By selecting an area, you will land on an overview page where you can see all related sustainability criteria. 
  • You can choose to further limit your selection by selecting a criteria group, get a quick overview of each criterion or click on the respective criteria page where all the necessary information is gathered. 

All criteria in the service are in line with the procurement laws, current case law and the practical conditions that apply to public procurement. Relevant stakeholders from the private, public and non-profit sectors have participated in the process of developing the criteria. 

About our criteria

The National Agency for Public Procurement develops and manages sustainability criteria that take into account environmental and social considerations in public procurement. The criteria consist of pre-formulated requirements with associated information. In order to push the market towards more sustainable product and services, the criteria are more ambitious than the current legislation.

The requirements are gathered in our criteria service. For those areas where procurement criteria are lacking, the contracting organization can formulate its own requirements.