Health Care EEE

The sustainability criteria for Health Care EEE (Electrical and Electronic Equipment) supports the development of more energy-efficient equipment, reduced content of environmentally and health-hazardous substances and extended product life.

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Energy performance of medical devicesCoreSpecial contract termsGeneral criteria
Information on the environmental performance of the equipmentCoreSpecial contract termsGeneral criteria
Access to spare partsCoreTechnical specificationGeneral criteria
Routines for control of information regarding hazardous substances in the equipmentCoreQualification requirementGeneral criteria
Information about substances of very high concern (the Candidate List)CoreSpecial contract termsGeneral criteria
Limitation of substances of very high concern in components in contact with tissue and body fluidsCoreAward criteriaGeneral criteria
Limitation of substances of very high concern (the complete Candidate List)AdvancedAward criteriaGeneral criteria
Detergents and disinfectantsCoreAward criteriaGeneral criteria
Phthalate-free productsCoreTechnical specificationGeneral criteria
Requirements under the ILO core conventionsCoreSpecial contract termsGeneral criteria
Sustainable supply chainsAdvancedSpecial contract termsGeneral criteria
Gas consumption for anaesthesia equipmentAdvancedAward criteriaAnaesthesia and intensive care equipment
Automatic standby modeCoreTechnical specificationMedical sterilizer
Automatic standby modeCoreTechnical specificationECG equipment, diagnostic
Automatic standby modeCoreTechnical specificationHaemodialysis equipment
Water usage for haemodialysis equipmentCoreAward criteriaHaemodialysis equipment
Reduction of the dialysis fluid flow rateCoreAward criteriaHaemodialysis equipment
Bisphenol A in plasticCoreTechnical specificationHaemodialysis equipment
Refrigerants in medical freezersAdvancedAward criteriaMedical freezers
Automatic standby modeCoreTechnical specificationFlusher and washer disinfector
Automatic standby modeCoreTechnical specificationUltrasound equipment

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