Fish and shellfish

Fish and shellfish have many positive health-effects and we are encouraged to eat more, preferably two to three times a week according to the Swedish Food Agency. At the same time the Swedish Food Agency advise against serving certain fish due to high levels of pollutants [1].


Environmental goals
Agenda 2030

Criteria group

Compare criteria
Fish and shellfish from aquacultureCoreTechnical specificationFish and shellfish
Wild fish and shellfishCoreTechnical specificationFish and shellfish
Information requirement prepared or preserved product – fish and shellfishAdvancedSpecial contract termsFish and shellfish
EU-organic product – aquacultureAdvancedTechnical specificationFish and shellfish
No fish or shellfish marked as red or vulnerableCoreSpecial contract termsFish and shellfish
Fish and shellfish from sustainable stocks and sustainable aquacultureAdvancedSpecial contract termsFish and shellfish
Reduced environmental and climate impact from fishing vessels and production facilitiesAdvancedTechnical specificationFish and shellfish