Imaging equipment

Energy efficient imaging equipment, with a function for reduction of paper usage and equipment with limited content of environmental and health hazordous substances. The criteria also aim toward more circular economy by encouraging reuse and recycling.


Environmental goals
Agenda 2030
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Systematic environmental workCoreQualification requirementGeneral criteria
Procedures for the substitution of hazardous substances in the equipment (new equipment)AdvancedSpecial contract termsGeneral criteria
Presence of substances of very high concern (the Candidate List)CoreSpecial contract termsGeneral criteria
Use of recycled plasticCoreSpecial contract termsGeneral criteria
Requirements under the ILO core conventionsCoreSpecial contract termsGeneral criteria
Sustainable supply chainsAdvancedSpecial contract termsGeneral criteria
Energy efficient imaging equipmentCoreTechnical specificationImaging equipment
Reduced number of printoutsCoreTechnical specificationImaging equipment
Possibility to use remanufactured toner cartridgesCoreTechnical specificationImaging equipment
Reduced paper and energy consumptionCoreAward criteriaImaging equipment
Plasticisers in external cablesCoreTechnical specificationImaging equipment
Noise emissions while printingCoreTechnical specificationImaging equipment
Limitation of indoor emissionsAdvancedTechnical specificationImaging equipment
System for refurbishment of the equipmentCoreSpecial contract termsImaging equipment
Design for facilitating recyclingCoreTechnical specificationImaging equipment
Use of remanufactured toner cartridgesCoreSpecial contract termsConsumable items
Printing quality for remanufactured toner cartridgesCoreTechnical specificationConsumable items
Toner powder’s environmental and health hazardsCoreTechnical specificationConsumable items
Hazardous substances in consumable itemsAdvancedTechnical specificationConsumable items