Fridges, freezers and combined fridge-freezers


Environmental goal
Agenda 2030
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Fridges, freezers and combined fridge-freezers
Energy efficiency class fridges, freezers and combined fridge-freezersCoreSpecial contract terms
Noise level (fridges, freezers and combined fridge-freezers)CoreTechnical specification
LCC - calculation of lifecycle cost (fridges, freezers and combined fridge-freezers)CoreAward criteria
Limitation of biocides (antimicrobial substances)CoreTechnical specification
Plasticizers in plastic and rubber material including external power cableAdvancedTechnical specification
Routines for the substitution of hazardous substances in productsAdvancedSpecial contract terms
Information on the inclusion of substances of very high concernCoreSpecial contract terms
Requirements under the ILO core conventionsCoreSpecial contract terms
Sustainable supply chainsAdvancedSpecial contract terms