Life cycle cost calculation - professional refrigerators and freezers

An LCC calculation can be used to evaluate the most energy efficient products.

Criterion ID


Criterion level


Criterion type

Award criteria

Criterion text

The procuring agency will accept the economically most advantageous bid according to the following calculation conditions:

Procurer defines:

  • Number of years of use (years)
  • Annual use (days)
  • Number of refrigerators /freezers to be procured (number)
  • Discount rate (percent)
  • Electricity price (SEK/KWh)
  • Size, e.g. outer dim

The supplier must provide the following information, which will form the basis of the tender evaluation. The economically most advantageous tender will be the one that gives the lowest cost according to the LCC calculation.

Acquisition cost:

  • Purchasing price incl. delivery cost (SEK/each)

Running and maintenance cost:

  • Net volume that corresponds to the specified size, calculated in accordance with EN 441 or equivalent (litres)
  • Energy use per unit, calculated in accordance with EN 441 or equivalent (kWh/48h/m3)