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Recyclable plastic packaging (Design for Recycling)

Special contract terms
Criterion text

The entrepreneur of the contract shall promote that the plastic packaging used in the project is designed for recycling.

The entrepreneur of the contract shall be able to map and motivate which plastic packaging during different project phases can be recycled according to the demands in the below requirement.

Plastic packaging made from plastic that is used under the contract shall be designed for recycling. Plastic packaging, wrappings and closures shall comply with at least the following:

Plastic packaging1 and any plastic closures2 shall be manufactured as a mono-material3 from one of the following plastics or as separable4 components thereof:

  • Polyethylene (PE)
  • Polypropylene (PP)
  • Clear polyethylene terephthalate (PET)

Metallic parts shall not be used in the packaging,1 closure2 or label.

Plastic packaging shall not be dyed using carbon black

Plastic packaging shall not have printing that covers more than 60% of its surface.


Labels on plastic packaging shall meet one of the following twp requirements:

  1. Labels shall be made from the same material as the packaging.
  2. If the packaging is made from PET, the label shall be made from PP or PE. 

Labels shall be able to be washed away according to following:

  • Packaging of PE and PP shall have labels woth water soluable adhesive glue, which can be washed away at temperatures below 60°C.
  • Packaging of PET shall have labels possible to washed away with a basic solution at temperatures below 70 °C.

Labels shall not cover more than 60% of the surface of the packaging.


  1. Packaging in expanded styrene (EPS) are excepted from the requirement if the entrepreneur can demonstrate that the packaging is collected and recycled.
  2. Packaging with UV-protection function is excepted from the requirement if dyed with carbon black.

1Plastic packaging includes rigid and flexible packaging, such as bottles, pots, big bags, trays, wrappings, ridged plastic tapes, and similar.

2Closures include bottle caps and lids.

3Mono-materials are plastics whose composition consists of a single type of plastic polymer, such as polyethylene.

4Separable components include elements of the packaging that can be easily taken apart by the end user without the need of tools before being recycled.

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