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More sustainably produced soy in animal feed

Technical specification
Criterion text

Animal-based foods shall come from animals where the soy1, if included in the feed, is produced in such a way that, at a minimum, it covers the following:

  • Implemented routines that ensure that the conversion to agricultural land does not result in deforestation or damage to areas of high conservation value. The evaluation of what is regarded as high conservation value can be undertaken in agreement with the High Conservation Value Approach2, or a similar evaluation method relevant for the geographical area.
  • The use of plant protection products shall be in accordance with the principles for Integrated Pest Management (IPM3). This involves preventing plant protection problems, monitoring the risk of damage in cultivations/fields, need-based measures, as well as following up and evaluating the effectiveness of pest control measures.

It is adequate that the documentation of the traceability of the soy can be shown through a segregated supply chain (Identity Preserved or Segregated), or through the principle of mass balance, or through the principle for credits (Credits/Book and Claim). 

1. Soy in feed refers to soy bean meal, whether or not ground or in the form of pellets.
2. High Conservation Value Approach,
3. IPM (Integrated Pest Management) Integrated Pest Management concerns a sustainable use of plant protection products. By combining different types of measures, weeds, fungal diseases and pests in the cultivation can be prevented or suppressed. Plant protection measures in your cultivation - (in Swedish)


Envrinmental Goals
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