Free-range systems outdoors

Free-range systems outdoors involve housing in multi- or single-storey systems for free-range hens. In addition, the hens have access to the outdoors all year round. The hens move freely in large pens indoors with litter on the floor. The hens sand bathe on the floor and have access to perches at different heights and nest boxes to lay their eggs in. There is a difference between a single- and multi-storey system. Multi-storey systems have several shelves (floors), and the hens can choose at what height above the floor they want to be at different times. The hens often move throughout the system but seek higher ground when it is time for the night's rest.


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Free-range systems outdoors
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Information about origin compound products - milk and eggsAdvancedTechnical specification
Production form - free-range system outdoorsSpearheadTechnical specification
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