Disposable gloves for medical use

Of all disposable items used in the health sector, disposable gloves represent the largest purchase volume. Gloves are used on many different occasions in healthcare, including during examinations, surgery and to protect healthcare workers from contamination. Disposable gloves are also used as protective equipment from chemical substances when working with disinfectants, cytostatic agents and medicines that may cause toxic effects, and shall therefore be tested to ensure that they prevent various chemicals used in healthcare from seeping through.


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Disposable gloves for medical use
Quality assurance proceduresCoreQualification requirement
Standards for the manufacture and inspection of disposable glovesCoreTechnical specification
Pinhole defects (AQL) for disposable glovesAdvancedTechnical specification
Powder-free disposable glovesCoreTechnical specification
Substances for skincare in disposable glovesCoreTechnical specification
Limitation of biocides (antimicrobial substances)CoreTechnical specification
Limitation of phthalates (vinyl gloves)CoreTechnical specification
Accelerator-free disposable gloves (nitrile)CoreTechnical specification
Primary and secondary packaging for disposable glovesCoreTechnical specification
Laboratory gloves with personal protection from chemicalsCoreTechnical specification
Content of Substances of Very High Concern (Candidate List)CoreSpecial contract terms
Sensitizing (allergenic) compounds in disposable glovesCoreSpecial contract terms
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Sustainable supply chainsAdvancedSpecial contract terms
Disposable gloves made from chlorine-free plasticCoreTechnical specification