The National Agency of Public Procurement participates in an EU-project on competence centres for innovation procurement. The project is about exchanging experiences and good ideas, building and supporting competence centers in five EU countries and strengthening the work in five EU countries that already have established competence centers.

The project runs for four and a half years, until June 30 2022. In the project, Sweden is represented as a competence center by the Procurement Authority and the State Purchasing Center at Kammarkollegiet.

The project Procure2Innovate consists of a consortium containing ten EU countries. Sweden is one of the five countries that has an established competence center in innovation procurement. Other countries are the Netherlands, Spain, Germany and Austria. The five countries that will establish new competence centers are Estonia, Greece, Ireland, Italy and Portugal.

The idea is that the project will lead to a network of competence centers for innovation procurement in different EU countries. The purpose of the network is to share knowledge, collaborate and exchange experiences on innovation procurement.

Gradually, more competence centers will join the project. To date, Lithuania and the Finnish Competence Center have joined Procure2Innovate.

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