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Labelling of plastic parts

Technical specification
Criterion text

Plastic parts with a weight greater than 100 g shall be marked in accordance with the standards “Generic identification and labelling of plastic products” (SS-EN ISO 11469:2016) and “Plastics – symbols and abbreviations” SS-EN-ISO 1043:2011 /Amd 1:2016 (parts 1-4) or equivalent standards. 

Where fillers, flame retardants or plasticisers have been intentionally mixed into the plastic in proportions greater than 1 % by weight, the presence of these substances shall also be indicated on the labelling, in accordance with:
SS-EN-ISO 1043:2011 /Amd 1:2016, part 2-4 or equivalent standard.

The labelling of the plastic parts shall be clearly visible when visually examining the parts. However, the labelling does not need to be clearly visible when the furniture is fully assembled.

In exceptional cases, plastic parts of more than 100 g are exempt from labelling. This applies in the following cases:

  • Labelling would adversely affect the performance or functionality of the plastic part.
  • It is not technically possible to label the part
  • The part cannot be labelled because there is no suitable surface large enough for the label to be legible and identifiable by a recycling company.

In the above cases, where parts do not need to be labelled, details of the polymer type and any additives, in accordance with the requirements of SS-EN-ISO 11469:201g and SS-EN-ISO 1043:2011 /Amd 1:2016 (Part 1-4) or equivalent standard, shall be made available on request and in written form.

The supplier shall, on request, be able to prove that the requirement has been fulfilled and shall indicate whether and why the exemption from labelling has been applied. [The contracting organisation] may request that the data be verified by an independent third party.

Envrinmental Goals
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