Milk and dairy from cows


Environmental goal
Agenda 2030
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Milk and dairy from cows
Information about the origin of the raw material - egg and milkCoreTechnical specification
EU-organic productCoreTechnical specification
Grazing - milkCoreTechnical specification
Surgical procedures under anaesthesia - beef and milkCoreTechnical specification
Responsible use of antibiotics - meat and milkCoreTechnical specification
Health monitoring and preventive animal health care - milkCoreTechnical specification
Roughage for calves - beef and milkCoreTechnical specification
More sustainably produced soy in animal feedCoreTechnical specification
Organic product - addition milkAdvancedTechnical specification
Surgical procedures with anaesthesia and analgesia - beef and milkAdvancedTechnical specification
Reduced climate impact from production - beef and milkAdvancedTechnical specification
Feed without GMO-contentSpearheadTechnical specification
More sustainably produced palm oil in animal feedSpearheadTechnical specification