Halogenated flame retardants in plastic and rubber parts

Halogenated flame retardants are toxic and not biodegradable.

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Technical specification

Criterion text

All plastic and rubber parts in the specified product(s) weighing at least 25 grams may not contain halogenated flame retardants at more than 0.1% by weight.

Parts that are considered to be plastic or rubber are those that are mainly composed of plastic and/or rubber; that is, containing at least 50% by weight.


Circuit boards, electronic components (for example resistors, capacitors, transformers and fans) and all kinds of cable insulation material are exempted.

Fluoroorganic additives that are used to change/modify the droplet behaviour of plastics exposed to fire or for improving process characteristics are exempted from this requirement, provided they represent less than 0.5% by weight of the homogeneous material. Homogeneous material refers to each individual plastic part.