Noise emissions while printing

This criterion limits the noise levels of imaging equipment.

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Technical specification

Criterion text

The imaging equipment must meet the requirements regarding noise levels in operating mode, described in Blue Angel (the German Ecolabel), Office Equipment with Printing Function DE-UZ 205 (2017), section 3.5.

The stated A-weighted sound power level, LWAd, must be tested according to ISO 7779. The sound power level shall not exceed the limit value according to the following formula:

LWA,lim = 47 + 15 * lg ( SM/F + 10) dB

SM = page throughput in monochrome mode
SF = page throughput in colour mode

The stated A-weighted sound power level, LWAd, is calculated as follows:
LWAd =LWA1 + 3.0 dB