Lamb and mutton

In Sweden, 1.61 kg of lamb and mutton was consumed per person in 2019. Approximately 30 percent of this amount was produced in Sweden in 2019, which can be compared with about 60 percent in 1995. Imports come mainly from Ireland, the Netherlands and New Zealand. During 2018 and 2019, a reduction in imports was noted along with an increase in the Swedish share of consumption.


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Agenda 2030
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Lamb and mutton
EU-organic productCoreTechnical specification
Organic product - supplementary lamb and muttonAdvancedTechnical specification
Information about the origin of the raw material - meatCoreTechnical specification
Stunning before slaughter – meatCoreTechnical specification
Transport of animals to slaughterCoreTechnical specification
Feeding during lairageAdvancedTechnical specification
Surgical procedures under anaesthesia – meat and milk from lamb, sheep and goatCoreTechnical specification
Responsible use of antibiotics - meat and milkCoreTechnical specification
Grazing and outdoor access - meat and milk from lamb, sheep and goatCoreTechnical specification
More sustainably produced soy in animal feedCoreTechnical specification
More sustainably produced palm oil in animal feedSpearheadTechnical specification
Feed without GMO-contentSpearheadTechnical specification
Meat from semi-natural pastures - Grazing on semi-natural pastures - Lamb and muttonSpearheadTechnical specification