Furniture is often composed of many different types of materials. These may include wood, wood fibre boards, metals, plastics, leather/skins, padding materials, textiles and glass. Many materials and treatments contain substances that are hazardous to the environment or health, or which entail substantial chemical use or emissions during production. Furniture with a short service life burdens the environment because it is thrown away after a short period of time and then must be replaced.


Environmental goal
Agenda 2030
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Systematic work with accessibility and universal designAdvancedSpecial contract terms
Accessibility adviceSpearheadSpecial contract terms
Quality assurance proceduresCoreQualification requirement
Requirements for furniture quality, function and safetyCoreTechnical specification
Product warrantyCoreSpecial contract terms
Design that facilitates repairAdvancedTechnical specification
Purchase of legal timber for furniture productionCoreTechnical specification
Labelling for identification of the furnitureCoreTechnical specification
Use and care instructionsCoreTechnical specification
Labelling of plastic partsCoreTechnical specification
Restriction of substances of very high concernCoreSpecial contract terms
Flame retardants in textiles, plastics and upholstery materialsCoreTeknisk specifikation
Glues used in the manufacture of furnitureCoreTechnical specification
Content of plasticsCoreTechnical specification
Plasticisers in plastics and upholstery materials - CoreCoreTechnical specification
Substances hazardous to the environment and health in plastics and upholstery materialsAdvancedTechnical specification
Plasticisers in plastics and upholstery materials - AdvancedAdvancedTechnical specification
Furniture textile dyesCoreTechnical specification
Formaldehyde in wood-based panelsCoreTechnical specification
Formaldehyde in wood-based panelsAdvancedTechnical specification
Formaldehyde in furniture textiles, hides or leatherCoreTechnical specification
Emissions from upholstery materialsAdvancedTechnical specification
Restriction of biocidesCoreTechnical specification
Contents of metals in finished hides and leatherCoreTechnical specification
The product's climate impactSpearheadAward criteria
Requirements under the ILO core conventionsCoreSpecial contract terms
Sustainable supply chainsAdvancedSpecial contract terms