Promoting gender equality and increasing employment through bonuses

The objective is to increase gender equality One of the main focuses of the Employment through Procurement ESF project is to promote employment in the form of special contract terms included in the National Model. At the same time, one of the objectives is to help contracting organisations contribute towards increased gender equality for men and women on the job market and to balance gender disparity within various industries or professions.

To increase gender equality

Additionally, special efforts may be warranted on behalf of foreign-born women with little or no education, in order to improve their ability to enter the job market. One of the ways in which this can be achieved is to specify that target group when setting employment requirements.

Bonus/incentive-based remuneration models

An important benchmark for an effective agreement is that both parties should feel they are achieving the same objectives, are getting the desired quality and that suppliers have been given the best possible prerequisites for delivering the highest possible quality to the public sector.

Special contract terms involving bonuses for increased employment and gender equality

Example of how an evaluation model can be designed

The contracting authority aims to improve gender equality in connection with implementation of the contract and wishes to encourage suppliers to take active measures to promote an even gender distribution and to increase gender equality. For this procurement, the contracting authority will assign added value to suppliers that present in their tenders a description of the measures it intends to take in order to achieve an even gender distribution so that more individuals from the under-represented gender are employed within the operation that will carry out the contract.